Advice For Working Mothers: Don’t Feel So Guilty

Here’s to all the working mothers out there

All of you are doing a fantastic work. No, your kids will not turn into delinquents, they will be just fine.
Visibly you may feel contrary to that, and always feel like you’re not living up to the expectations of your children, or the standards you set for yourself to be a good mom. Not to forget your peers, family and your community. When I was expecting my first child, a lot of people told me about the risks of feeling guilty afterwards, but considering how I grew up with an immense amount of guilt that …

Family Travel for Social Good / Familia de viajes para el bien social

Siempre ha sido mi sueño de compartir una vacación de voluntariado con mi familia.
Así que cuando me enteré de que LATISM, la organización de los latinos en los medios de comunicación social, estaba planeando proyectos de desarrollo sostenible en la República Dominicana este verano, me parecio que este programa va ser perfecto para nuestra primera vacación de voluntariado

Ana …