Why Should You Consider Homeschooling as an Option in 2016?

Homeschooling is a choice that some parents prefer, which totally worked out for me and my two children. If you are open to homeschooling your children, here are a few books that will prepare you on what to expect from a swing. It isn’t exactly the easiest task in the world, but your children will become life-long learners and pursue their interests, which is what this world really needs, a stroller.
Homeschooling for Success: How …


This is a time of enjoyment and discovery.
While a little daunting, especially for new moms and cooks, you will soon realize that you are part of a group of women who have gone through a life-changing episode of faucet choices.
While motherhood is as common as the stars in the sky or the grass that grows outside your door, your experience will be unique.
No two women can claim to have the exact same experience from time of conception to the day that they die.  And yes, you are a mother always, no matter how old your kids are.  No matter if you outlive your children, God forbid!
You have …

Advice For Working Mothers: Don’t Feel So Guilty

Here’s to all the working mothers out there

All of you are doing a fantastic work. No, your kids will not turn into delinquents, they will be just fine.
Visibly you may feel contrary to that, and always feel like you’re not living up to the expectations of your children, or the standards you set for yourself to be a good mom. Not to forget your peers, family and your community. When I was expecting my first child, a lot of people told me about the risks of feeling guilty afterwards, but considering how I grew up with an immense amount of guilt that …

What’s your passion? Find a niche for your blog that matters

What drives you? What inspires you to write? What makes you want to start a blog, and keep at it when the chores pile up and sunny days beckon you outdoors?
Whatever that passion is, that’s where you will find your niche.
A couple of weeks ago, I introduced a writing path discussion series on The SITs Girls forum for bloggers who have mastered blogging basics and who are ready to take their blogs to the next level.
Find a niche for your blog
So far, we introduced the writing path by looking at how some bloggers have leveraged a blog into book deals and freelance writing assignments. And then, to get you …

15 Ways That Pinterest Is For Bloggers

Pinterest is the cool new social network. Although it’s been around for several months, suddenly bloggers can’t get enough. Pin addicts are everywhere, and I’m expecting Pinners Anonymous to spring up any moment now.
As Pinterest is still in the Beta stage – admission is by invitation only – there are a number of kinks to be worked out, and bloggers have a ways to …

Power Networking Across Social Platforms–Type-A Conference Liveblogging

I’m in Asheville, NC for Type-A Parent Conference. It’s a three-day affair that promises to enable and empower bloggers to take their sites to the next level. And it delivers!
This being my second TypeA, I’ve come prepared to maximize the gain by sharing coverage of the workshops with friends. Now, I’m not the Liveblogging Queen – that’s Christina at www.CutestKidEver.com, but I’m giving it a shot.
How many of us struggle with …