This is a time of enjoyment and discovery.


While a little daunting, especially for new moms and cooks, you will soon realize that you are part of a group of women who have gone through a life-changing episode of faucet choices.

While motherhood is as common as the stars in the sky or the grass that grows outside your door, your experience will be unique.

No two women can claim to have the exact same experience from time of conception to the day that they die.  And yes, you are a mother always, no matter how old your kids are.  No matter if you outlive your children, God forbid!

You have entered the realm of a magical journey.

Some of you are scoffing at this, saying that because becoming a mother is so commonplace, like changing your panties, no one is interested in you.

Quite the opposite.  There is one thing that other fellow mothers love to talk about and that is their kids and how they came to be.

You will find many interesting and some eye-opening stories out there that may just make you want to reverse time and reconsider becoming pregnant.

What you have to do is take it all in but use your mental sieve.  Filter out the nonsense from the useful stuff.

To help you along, our friends over at Hello Baby Bump have put together an informative and thought-provoking list of ways to get through this beautiful experience in one piece.

Enjoy every minute!

Becoming a Mother, Not a Monster

Sandra Foyt

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