Advice For Working Mothers: Don’t Feel So Guilty

Here’s to all the working mothers out there

All of you are doing a fantastic work. No, your kids will not turn into delinquents, they will be just fine.

Visibly you may feel contrary to that, and always feel like you’re not living up to the expectations of your children, or the standards you set for yourself to be a good mom. Not to forget your peers, family and your community. When I was expecting my first child, a lot of people told me about the risks of feeling guilty afterwards, but considering how I grew up with an immense amount of guilt that comes with being a Catholic, I couldn’t get myself to pay a lot of attention to it, and then it happened; I became a mother and during my tenure as a mother, I had to pay more attention to my graduate studies in order to start a new career; that was the time when mother’s guilt eventually started creeping in, it became that friend who constantly reminds of your mistakes. In no time, I started realizing that the sole purpose of having children was to improve my life, not to subjugate my moral sense.

I realized that it is time to take back my basic right to enjoy a life with children, in order to so. I had to find out the force that was driving the mother’s guilt. You can find the 5 ways to accept your shortcomings as a mother and focus your energy on what really matters: telling your kids how they matter, paying attention to them and making sure nothing is troubling them. The 5 ways can be found below.

Accept Compromises

Once you start combining your role as a mother and your career together, there will always be compromises to make. As a mother, and a grown, sensible adult, it is your duty to accept compromises without letting them bother you.

You Don’t Have to Be the Greatest Mother

Mothers are often found racing to be the greatest; well, it’s time you should stop. Being the greatest mother isn’t something you will be rewarded for. Chances are your children will still love you as much as they already do even if you end up becoming the president.

Don’t Let Anyone Guilt-Trip You

Being a working mother has its own perks, with these perks, there will be people who are ready to guilt-trip you, they’ll say all sorts of stuff to lower your spirits. It is a really good advice to not let anyone do that to you.

Be Fully Present for Your Kids

Being a working mother means you can’t be around your kids 24/7, however, that doesn’t mean you won’t be around them at all. Once you’re spending time with your kids, make sure you don’t let any work related obstacle distract you from spending quality time with your kids.

Sandra Foyt

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