What’s your passion? Find a niche for your blog that matters

What drives you? What inspires you to write? What makes you want to start a blog, and keep at it when the chores pile up and sunny days beckon you outdoors?

Whatever that passion is, that’s where you will find your niche.

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced a writing path discussion series on The SITs Girls forum for bloggers who have mastered blogging basics and who are ready to take their blogs to the next level.

Find a niche for your blog

So far, we introduced the writing path by looking at how some bloggers have leveraged a blog into book deals and freelance writing assignments. And then, to get you started on the path to fame and glory, I listed online classes and conferences where you can learn the skills you need while networking with your tribe – the support network of folks who are committed to your success.

Next, we’ll discuss the interests that might drive your blog, but first, I think we need to tackle one important question.

What’s a niche?

The term “niche” is commonly used by marketers to refer to segments of the internet centered around a product. So, for example, the fashion niche might include the online presence of designers, manufacturers, and the online media devoted to following, discussing, and promoting everything and anything to do with fashion.

But I’m more interested in the way writers use the term; Christina Katz defines a niche as a topic that suits your talents and personality.

What’s your niche?

Even knowing this, it’s not easy to pick the right niche – the one that’s right for you right now. Join me on The SITs Girls Discussion Forums as we tackle finding a niche.

Sandra Foyt

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