15 Ways That Pinterest Is For Bloggers

pinterest-is-for-bloggers_thumb1Pinterest is the cool new social network. Although it’s been around for several months, suddenly bloggers can’t get enough. Pin addicts are everywhere, and I’m expecting Pinners Anonymous to spring up any moment now.

As Pinterest is still in the Beta stage – admission is by invitation only – there are a number of kinks to be worked out, and bloggers have a ways to go to figure out how to use the medium to their advantage. Luckily, there are a number of blog experts willing to help you learn how to own Pinterest.

But first, a Pinterest Tip

Before I turn to the pros, I have one tip that I want to share. The beauty of Pinterest is that you can create a visual board. So, for example, to keep track of all the blog conferences, I pin an image from the conference website onto my Blog Conferences board. So easy.
Pin-Albany-Kid-Family-Trave_thumb1Or, it would be so easy if bloggers took the time to put an image on their site that is pinnable. You see, it turns out that many sites put their logo – or blog conference information, for example – on the header. And, in many cases, the header is not pinnable.

That’s why I created a pinnable logo – my business card, if you will – on www.AlbanyKid.com. It sits on my sidebar so that anyone who wants to remember what my blog is about, can see do so at a glance.


Why You Should Be In Pinterest

  1. Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined [STUDY] – Traffic stats prove that Pinterest is now the social media darling of “brides-to-be, fashionistas budding bakers” and retailers.
  2. Why Pinterest is 2012′s hottest website – If Pete Cashmore, founder and CEO of Mashable, says Pinterest is hot, then it must be so. Find out why.
  3. 35 Brilliant Bloggers Talk about Pinterest – All the cool kids are doing it. HUGE roundup of smart tips for using Pinterest in a gadzillion niches.
  4. Pinterest for Brands: 5 Hot Tips – Mashable shows how brands are using Pinterest to promote a lifestyle, crowdsource, run contests or a focus group, and inspire a team.
  5. What is Pinterest & Why You Should Optimize For It – Kristi Hines (Kikolani) explains the value of Pinterest for marketers on SEOGadget, but all bloggers will appreciate the visual illustrations.


Pinterest Social Media Lessons

  1. Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest Basics – A good place to start, Allison on BlogWorld, shares tips on how to drive traffic for newbies (and pros too) and she follows it up with 7 Cool Ways to Use Pinterest.
  2. Pinterest and Blogging: The Good, The Bad and The Huh? – The Nester tells us that Pinterest is now a top referrer to her home style blog. She gives the stats, best tips, and pitfalls.
  3. Get the Most Out of Pinterest – Don’t miss these tips from Colleen on www.mommiedaze.com, she makes sense of pins and permalinks and steers you clear of pin errors.
  4. Add Pinterest Pin It Button to Every Post & to GetSocial – The title says it all. This short tutorial from Brittany on www.mommywords.com will help you get your blog posts pinned. End of story.  (Another option is to install the Social Discussions plugin, as seen on www.AlbanyKid.com and explained on 6 Ways To Add Pinterest to WordPress.)
  5. Pinterest How-to: How to See If Your Content is Pinned on Pinterest – A super simple tip to see who has pinned your website content on Pinterest from Momcomm.
  6. Pinterest with Friends: How To Contribute & Curate Boards Together! – Get by with a little help from your friends, oh Amanda shows you how.
  7. Pin It Friday – Link Up Your Favorite Pins – Susan at www.5minutesformom.com hosts a linky every Friday where you can share your favorite pin of the week.


Pinterest Boards to Follow

  1. 21 Must-Follow Pinterest Users – Mashable offers a lovely of  list who to follow, but I think that who you follow on Pinterest is going to depend on your interests. I started out by following too many people when what I should have done is to be selective about which boards to follow. Otherwise, my incoming stream ends up being full of pins that don’t interest me at all.
  2. Pinterest Top Five Most Repinned Items – The coolest of the coolest, 52,925 repins and counting.
  3. Sandra Foyt on Pinterest – Follow all of me, or some of my boards: Social Media Lessons, Road Trips, Family Travel, Storybook Travel, In the Garden, Photography Lessons, It’s Funny, and many more – including collaborative boards like: Family Travel Inspiration and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  4. Kelby Carr on Pinterest – Kelby, founder of Type A Parent and author of the upcoming “Pinterest for Dummies” book which will be published by Wiley late 2012, plays show and tell with her boards.

And that’s what Pinterest is all about, after all. Show and Tell. Who do you recommend following on Pinterest? Or which boards?

Psst! Need an invite? Tweet me at @sandrafoyt, and I’ll hook you up.

Sandra Foyt

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