Power Networking Across Social Platforms–Type-A Conference Liveblogging

typea_thumbI’m in Asheville, NC for Type-A Parent Conference. It’s a three-day affair that promises to enable and empower bloggers to take their sites to the next level. And it delivers!

This being my second TypeA, I’ve come prepared to maximize the gain by sharing coverage of the workshops with friends. Now, I’m not the Liveblogging Queen – that’s Christina at www.CutestKidEver.com, but I’m giving it a shot.

How many of us struggle with juggling Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and way too many other Social Media platforms?

Debba Haupert, of Girlfriendology, shared tips for staying sane and benefiting from these mediums in Power Networking Across Social Platforms:

1. Pick an objective – It’s essential to know what you’re trying to get out from social engagement.

2. Build a list – Know your community so that you tailor the frequency and content of your updates; don’t make it daily if that’s too much. Your list is valuable, one estimate puts it at $80/per person. Make sure that the email subscription opt-in is in a prominent place.

3. Survey your Community – You might think they’re just like you, but often they are not. Ask your community how and where they engage online, ex. might be on Facebook, not Twitter. Don’t be afraid to do ask, you can use SurveyMonkey.com.

4. Plan your updates to fit your community’s schedule & likes. For example, if your audience checks Facebook during lunch, you might want to plan updates to amuse the lunch crowd.  Keep in mind that 47% of population is on East Coast time. Debba’s workflow has Facebook and LinkedIn updates going to Twitter, but not visa versa. Be consistent so audience knows what to expect.

5. Schedule your updates. (Hootsuite, Tweedeck, Social Oomph) Since Debba has a backlog of evergreen blog posts, she pulls those out as “Classic, Favorites, MVP, etc.” and puts them out on Facebook. Her other Facebook updates includes videos and quotes.

6. Make it easy to share content. Add Facebook LIKE buttons and other sharing buttons. Debba recommends the “Suggest This” WordPress Plugin.

7. Engage your community. Ask your community to share the content. Once a week, Debba asks her community to share her blog with others.

8.Share! Share every blog post, guest blog, etc. Make sure to remember to include a link back to your site.

9. Create a conversation. Don’t hog the conversation, listen.

Sandra Foyt

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