From SAHM to WAHM: Opening a Bank Account

I took a step forward yesterday. A small, but significant, step toward advancing my freelance writing career.

Late in the afternoon, I finally did something I have been planning to do since August. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s one of those important items on my bucket list that somehow always gets set aside for more urgent matters.

On my way back from yet another mommy chauffeur trip, I stopped at the credit union and opened a bank account. No big deal, you might say, but it was a big deal to me.

I haven’t had a personal bank account in at least fifteen years. Early on, possibly before we were even married, my husband and I pooled our money into a joint account. But I was in charge of the finances until a couple of years ago. Dealing jointly with our finances has been a bumpy ride, but I never regretted having a joint account. Not even when I handed over the financial responsibilities to my husband a couple of years back.

And yet, when I met with a service manager to open my new account, it was a little scary and even a little embarrassing. Here I am, a strong advocate for girl empowerment, and I didn’t even have my own bank account. Never mind what we would find when they pulled up my credit report, or worse yet, what they wouldn’t find.

I guess it was those subconscious fears that had me procrastinating what was truly an easy matter. All I needed was $1 and a driver’s license to open up a savings account at SEFCU. The whole process took about thirty minutes. Easy peasy.

Even better, I deposited my first freelance writing checks. And I don’t mind admitting that there is a HUGE satisfaction in seeing that bank balance. I earned it myself, doing something I love to do.

How awesome is that?

Sandra Foyt

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